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Pokkén Tournament, a new arcade game coming to Japan in 2015

Longest Masuda Method; finally accomplished! 0.0

So i’ve been breeding for a shiny eevee to evolve into shiny umbreon with amazing defense and i thought, ok, this will only take a couple of days or so…but NO, i’ve been breeding these poor eevee for over a month already and finally, FINALLY last night was the night, meet Galaxy!


Galaxy has perfect IV’s in HP, defense, special defense and speed

He has a careful nature and does not have a hidden ability( by choice) Shiny eevee stands out so much from the regular brown one, the first glimpse i saw of him i knew he was different, it’s a seriously bright white color with black ears instead of shades of brown, the pic i got of him didn’t capture the color quite right, but shiny eevee is beautiful and so worth it if anyone wants to take a go at finding one!

He is exactly what i’ve been after for so long and normally when i breed for shinies i don’t make a whole big deal of it but after all it took for this guy i feel that he deserves it!

i just wanted to dedicate a post to squirtle, my all time favorite pokemon! these are some screenshots of squirtle appearing in one of the latest pokemon x and y anime episodes….it’s just not fair how precious this little guy has consistently been throughout the anime and the games,i’m proud that he is still appearing in new episodes after so many years of cute, he just never quits :’) 

2 new mega’s revealed:

mega slowbro and mega audino!

I honestly thought they were fake a first glance, but nope! they’re official! mega slowbro has the ability shell armor(no surprise there) and mega audino is normal/fairy with the healer ability. 

horde encounters make a return in ORAS! 

pikachu’s cosplay forms look adorable in action! 

get pumped,people! 

Gastly: uh, no sorry I don’t want your jesus, i’m jewish…


Gastly: uh, no sorry I don’t want your jesus, i’m jewish…

new details on dressed up pikachu:

when you change pikachu’s clothes for contests it gains special moves based on which outfit it’s wearing. pikachu rockstar gets meteor mash, pikachu Ph.D.(lol) gets electric terrain, pikachu pop star gets draining kiss, pikachu belle gets icicle crash and pikachu libre gets flying press. pretty neat!

corocoro leaks!

The new Pokemoncenter.com!

hey everyone! so for those who haven’t heard, pokemoncenter.com is reopening very shortly for those in north america! this means we will have an official online store to buy pokemon merch :)

also! in celebration, we can download a special pokeball pattern vivillon on mystery gift until august 12th, enjoy! :) 


I knew it was just a matter of time…

I knew one of these days we’d be able to dress up pokemon and it looks like that will be coming our way! the following images are leaks from the japanese magazine, corocoro. It appears that you can dress pokemon up to participate in contests-this also confirms the return of pokemon amie in ORAS, enjoy!